Ever been going to do a lot of walking, but wanted to wear your handmade socks!  Are you trying to convice you teen that handmade socks are still cool?

I bring you BAPE Shoes!

 BAPE SHOE (Black Star on White Transparency Front Transparency T

The clear athletic shoes from Japan, now here in the US.

One of my kids had them on today- I just about died!  All I could think is wow- those are cooler than clogs!  Not that I wouldn’t pick clogs over these, but then cool I have never claimed to be!

Now we have even more of a need to teach the youth to knit.  To quote my student, “Do you like my socks!”

I say, let’s all ROCK the shoes and show the kids who really has the best socks. 

Of course, I first have to finsh a pair, but one step at a time baby!

Please check out yesterday’s post.  We are trying to teach our kids to knit!