Hello My Friends,

As you know, I am a high school teacher.  I posted an article a few days ago that talked about schools using Knitting to help kids with ADHD and the like.  Well, this gave more life to an idea that has been floating around for a while-


One of my fellow yarn loving teachers has already found a core group of kids to start this with.  They are very excited to learn to knit.   

One of our feeder JR. High Schools already has a club.  They are trying to knit the WORLD’S LONGEST SCARF!  34 miles is the goal!  DUDE!!!!!!

However, we need help!  We need materials.  Our schools are not in the Highest Ecomimic areas.  The focus of funding at our schools in on testing, not knitting (I know, don’t get me started).  We don’t expect our kids to come to us with needles and yarn.  We don’t want to turn anyone away from learning our great art!


Anybody have any ideas?  Anybody have any yarn they Hate and want to make room in the stash?  Anybody have needles that gave them headaches that they KNOW they will never use again?  WE NEED THEM!!

I am willing (my husband may kill me, but he never reads the blog anyway, so will he really know?) to collect donations for the club. 

Please spread the news!  Please post the call on your own blogs.  Help us get the next generation of knitters cast on (ha ha, love the pun)! 

If you would like to donate, please comment and I will get the address to you.  Thank you in advance for help and support.