You are smart- I know!  So I am sure you have noticed what seems to be a LACK of actual knitting happening in my world. 

I also know you will notice the lack of photos today.  Please know that there were 2 lovely photos of ACTUAL knitting taken today- but I can’t get my computer to notice this.  I will add the photos when they want to behave!  Until that time, please enjoy the virtual pictures. . . (I got the pictures to behave, but left some of the virtual pictures- I found they explained the pics better!)


(Virtual Picture #1: Here there is a really cute pic of my pirate needles sticking out of a cake of baby blue cotton.  In the backgroud, you can see some of my kids during passing period.  You can also see how large my classroom is- I LOVE THIS ROOM!)  

I have finished a dish cloth with the Pirate Needles.  These were fun with the Sugar’n Cream cotton (I LOVE THAT YARN), but a bit short- I found I wanted just about 1/2 inch more room before I hit the skull.  But it was fun for easy knitting!  I love dishcloths!  Did I think to take a picture of the finished . . . Of course not!  Not that it would be a very exciting picture anyway . . .  I shall tempt you instead with the Pirates waiting for me to cast on something new.


I have almost finished with the back of the Baby Yoda Sweater.  It has been a joy to knit!  The Birch Needles are soft and warm and flexable.  The yarn is just YUMMY- so soft is it scary!  But 6 rows of garter and then 10 inches of SS is not that interesting- for anyone!  I did have a bit of a issue with it the first time I cast it on.  I was not gett gauge- so the back was 2 inches to short on width.  I frogged and then recast with 5 more stitches.  I am going to have to adjust the pattern as I go (I have created an excell sheet to do my math for me!).  But I am glad the baby isn’t due till Aug-  I need to get this in the Mail Juneish- I have time.

I have told myself that I can cast on the Fetching glvoes for ME in the Alpaca I got at Stitiches as soon as I finish the back of the sweater.  We are having a family movie night tonight- so I should be able to do that.  I want to get past the cables on the gloves before I go to a conference on Saturday in SF.

The conference (I am so excited) is for theatre teachers as USF.  We will be taking workshops from some folks who AMAZE ME!  I don’t know how many workshops we get to take, and I don’t know how I will pick!  Workshops are from 9-5 then at 7 we get to see Angels in America!  I can’t wait!

UPDATE:  The Back is Cast OFF!  YEAH!  I can start my gloves tonight! YES!!


NOTE:Old Pic- the sock WAY before it developed Behavioral Issues!  It is MUCH bigger than this!

I also still have the Sock That Shall NOT Be Named on needles.  I did get past the “pulled the needle out and *#$!ed it all up problem.”  Only to *#&! it up more (really dumb, got the needle back in right the first time, then started knitting on the wrong needle!  This made a piece of yarn run across the inside of the foot!  Really, how dumb can I be).  But it is fixed now (I hope).  I took it to Stitches last week to knit on when there was time.  I am in the middle of the foot- so it is VERY dull- I will finish it, SOMEDAY (as soon as I have something else I want to put on those needles instead, I have put WAY to much into this stupid sock to give up now!).

Question:  will my hate for this sock carry on to when it is done?  It is the second sock of a pair for ME!  I don’t want to hate them once they are done!  These are the first socks I have made for me!  I don’t want to hate them!