March 2007

Opening Night is Tonight!  This is one of my FAVE things:


The tears and hard work have all paid off!  Hours of Rehearsal!  Painting, building, sewing and stressing have all gone in to this moment!  I LIVE FOR THIS!

No- this is not the size of the audience- this was taken during 1st dress rehearsal.  Our show will run for 3 nights and we should have between 300 and 400 people see the run!  This is a DRASTIC improvement fromwhen I first took on this program 9 years ago (I swear, I can’t be that old!).  Then I had between 100-200 people over 3 shows.  I am really proud of the growth and quality of the program.  The kids are amazing and wonderful and they work really, really hard!  And it shows!

 Thank you for putting up with my lack of posting the past few weeks- the play kind of takes over my life the few weeks before we open.  I promise to return to my knitting soon!


Well, last night was the start of tech week- this means rehearsals each night until 9:30 or when we have done the day’s job, which ever comes first- theatre hurts . . . right.

As every tech, there are mini dramas- found out my light board has a cracked motherboard- I am the last to know this,  the theater company we share space and borrow the board from has known for a month- they just forgot to tell me- i found out when I FREAKED out when I couldn’t find the dang thing.  We think we might have it for next thursday’s opening.  I am hiding this fact from the cast as long as I can-  teens can freak out pretty badly!  This is DOUBLE true for actor types.   I don’t think writing this hear will tip them off- I don’t think many of them surf the knit blogs- I base this on the looks I get when I make the mistake of talking about us!

The company I order doors from sent me the wrong doors (I think I may have ordered the wrong doors, but since they sent diffrent wood than I ordered as well, I am going to say it was them- I got the best end of the wood deal!).  The doors I have don’t fit in the door holes on my set.  This is a MAJOR problem.  I really don’t know what Iwill do if they can’t find doors to fit.  I am trying not to think about it.  If they can find the doors and I can get them ASAP- today before 2 would be best, Friday before 2 would do, we should be OK.  If not . . . lets not go there!

The good news- I was home by 7:30- the show itself looks GREAT!  And the Tech crew (who started last night) are great!

The hardest part of tech is missing this . . .


I really like it when I get home in time to put him to bed.

It is High School Exit Exam time around here!  This means that the rest of us don’t get kids until the afternoon.  Only 10th grade is taking the test this time, so we are expecting the rest of the kids to come to school at 12:30 today, 1:00 yesterday and attend 3 periods a day, with each class being only 30 min !  Shall we say attendence is a bit well . . . low!

However, I have play that goes into tech (hell week) today, we open a week from Thrusday.  The set is mostly done.  This means we could go up like it is, but it will be much better if a ton of things get done.  With short classes and LOW attendence, I needed to get a few small things done in this wasted free time i have been forced to endure graced with this morning.

My morning in pictures:

First I worked on the program, dealt with email and farted around on line (don’t you wish you were going to be in NY for the Harlot’s kick off)


Next I mounted some posters and charts for the set.  These are double sided and will be held up with velcro for quick set changes.  The play is an evening of One-Acts.  I am directing Wendy’s Tale, and I have two FAB kids directing as well.  Thier shows are Dinner with the MacGuffins and Hard Candy.  We are REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY excited- espically for Dinner which is the California Premiere of the SCRIPT!  VERY VERY COOL!


SWEETIE:  These are the charts I emailed you about- they need some type of title- I don’t know ANYTHING about this- they mean nothing (I just made pretty lines) but some type of title (like profits or something) would look good.  Ideas? 

Then I went over to my shop:


And painted one of the 3 doors for the set:


The set is designed by my Stagecraft class.  It has a stable back wall and the side walls are really wagons (set pieces on wheels).  This is how we are making the set change so fast.  In 1 1/4 hours it will be a living room, office and classroom!  It is very cool

I had a few paint issues and am VERY thankful I wore pants that have seen better days- these pants are now paint only jeans!  The picture doesn’t quite do justice to the paint spill which reaches from pocket to knee!  There was no paint on these prior to the door-  The only really bad part of this is that it is just noon- I will be here till at least 7 or 8 tonight in rehearsal, the paint spill is getting stiff and yucky!


All in all a pretty typical day in the world of a theatre teachers.  Now I get to get ready for my actual classes and thier research projects. 

May your day be free from painted pants! 

Sorry . . . life took over for a while.  Here is the news from our little world.

I finished the first of my fetching gloves last Sunday, but it was a bit short- it didn’t quite come to the edge of my hand like i wanted. 

I haven’t really knit much since then.  I am trying to decide if I am going to make the fetching gloves for me or the Dashing from the new KNITTY.

Things at school have been CRAZY!  I am going into tech for the One-Acts thisweek and there is a ton to get done, as always!

Also, Grandpa’s service was Friday.  I think that has tossed me for a loop.  His death wasn’t unexpected, and it has been over a month, but this some how makes it final!

Here he is in his younger days:


Cute, huh?  He was always a good looking man- even to the end, but I am always proud of how gosh darn HOT Grandpa was when he was younger!

It was a military service.  I have never been to one before- wow- it was really cool.  It was so amazing to see Grandpa honored in such a way.  The whole flag, taps on the horn etc. . . really cool.  Then one of Grandpa’s nephews, who is a preacher, did the service.  It was really sweet and meaningful.  I think he would have loved it.  It really seemed a fitting way to say goodbye! 

We spent a great deal of this weekend working in our backyard- such as it is.  We have been in the house for almost 4 years- but NEVER did anything with the yards.  With Zae needing a place to play and a cousin giving us their old play house, it was time.  We have killed all green things (weeds), placed ground cloth on about 1/2 of the yard, then covered with all-weather carpet (this will be the play area), we are now playing with what todo with the “lawn”  sod or seed.  We need to price sod- which is the prefered choice.  it is a really small area- under 100 sq ft- I think closer to 60 sq ft!  then their will be containers to plant and such- I am looking forward to that.  I used to love to container garden in apartments, pre-zae- but once he came along- he was all I could manage to keep growing.

talk to you soon!

Would you believe that I did not knit AT ALL yesterday?  I never touched a set of needles.  I think the sock took it out of me!

I shall distract you with yet another Zae story:

Yesterday morning, when he was supposed to be getting dressed, I found the kid sitting in the middle of his room with NOTHING but his Batman Socks on-The following conversation took place

“Zae, What are you doing?”

“I am not Zae.  I am Batman and I need to save the world!” 

“You don’t have time, get dressed now please”

“But I am Batman, and there is a BIG problem!”



“Fine Batman, but you can’t save the world without underwear on.  Everyone knows that!”

“Oh, right Mom!  Good Plan!”

And off he went to get dressed!


That is what they don’t tell you in Mom School. . . You will say some of the strangest things in order to get done what needs to be done!

So my advice for the day:  Don’t try to save the world until you have on your underwear!

(Old Pic!  from about a year ago, but it seemed to so so well with the story!)

I did it- they are finished!socks-finished.JPG

While they IN NO WAY match (they are set up here to hide the massive way they don’t match, in either size or pattern), I am proud to have them done.  I have finished a pair of boot socks from a pattern, and a pair of slipper socks from a pattern prior to these.  These are my first sock yarn socks.

They are also knit kind of organically . . . meaning I said to myself, “Hey self, you have knit 2 pair of sock like things now (this means 5 socks due to the need to redo my vary first sock).  You don’t need to find a pattern, just do it.”

Why would I do this?  I knit a lot of things organically.  Almost all of the purses I make I just kind of make up as I go, hats are the same way.  I don’t like/know how/ suck at following directions of any type.  I can’t cook from a book, I just suck at it. I kind of read diretions and then do what I think they said.


NOTE TO SELF:  You are not too smart to follow a pattern.  You should let those that know what the HECK they are doing guide you.  You are not smarter than the designer who seems to know what they are doing.  YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!  FOLLOW THE DANG PATTERN

Ok- enought said.  I have yarn at home for 2 more pairs of socks.  Mom, I PROMISE that I will follow the pattern for the ones you bought the yarn for.  I will do EXACTLY what the wrapper says- after all I would think that the artists at Fiber Artist might know a thing or too about socks!  For my own, I was thinking I would try some more advanced type of sock- but I think not!  If I was my knitting teacher it would be very clear that I had not mastered the basics of SS socks and there fore do not get to move on to more complicated fun.  Maybe something with ribs?  Except I HATE ribbing!

Any ideas? Simple sock patterns that won’t bore me?

Ever been going to do a lot of walking, but wanted to wear your handmade socks!  Are you trying to convice you teen that handmade socks are still cool?

I bring you BAPE Shoes!

 BAPE SHOE (Black Star on White Transparency Front Transparency T

The clear athletic shoes from Japan, now here in the US.

One of my kids had them on today- I just about died!  All I could think is wow- those are cooler than clogs!  Not that I wouldn’t pick clogs over these, but then cool I have never claimed to be!

Now we have even more of a need to teach the youth to knit.  To quote my student, “Do you like my socks!”

I say, let’s all ROCK the shoes and show the kids who really has the best socks. 

Of course, I first have to finsh a pair, but one step at a time baby!

Please check out yesterday’s post.  We are trying to teach our kids to knit!

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