This is my best friend’s oldest daughter (I can’t believe she has 2 little girls now!).  Her oldest is almost 3 and is modeling her Christmas/New Baby Sister presents.  The baby got a sweater and hat to match her big sis.

Isn’t she just the SWEETEST thing in the world!  She has the greatest goofy personality!

Her mom and I have been friends since we were about her age!  Actually about 3 1/2.  When I say I have known her mom my whole life- it is true.

I watch my son make friends now and I wonder if he will be lucky enough to say the same thing  some day.  That he will luck into finding someone that he will love and respect, some one who will be in many ways  more like a sibling than a friend. Someone who can live just down the street, in the next town, at the other end of the state or on the other side of the country and it won’t matter.  Someone he can talk to every day or not for months, but the friendship is still the same.  This type of friend is a rare gem.  I only hope he will be so lucky! 

I am so lucky to know her! 

Take a moment today to thank a friend.  They bring more blessings to life than we ever think about!