Oh My Gosh- Stitches was AMAZING!  Really, really Really Really Amazing!  I will update this post later with yarn porn pictures- I have having trouble getting my pics to up load today!

I don’t have words for the beauty of the fiber!  The colors . . . the texture. . . the yardage!  OH MY GOSH

We got there about 9, cause traffic was much better than we had feared- the comute from home to the South Bay is one of the worst in the country- so we were afraid it would take hours!  But it didn’t.

We got there and bought our tickets- I had planned to buy the tickets online- but never did- I was glad i hadn’t- the line for online was longer than the bought at Stitches was.  We stood in line and talked to a lovely woman about her Einstein Coat.  My mom wants one and I am thinking about doing for her.

At 11:00, the doors opened, we were pretty early in line- so we got right in.  OH MY GOSH!  It was over whelming!  In the best of ways.  Mom wanted to see if they had any learn to crochet classes (the didn’t- all knit).  I thought about taking a Market Session- but then I came to my senses and realized this was a bad idea for 2 reasons: 1- I am an awful studnet (teachers normally are)- I get very annoyed when people ask questions they should know.  2- if I spent the $35 bucks on the class- that was $35 less I could spend on yarn.

Speaking of spending on yarn:  if you go- set a budget!  I found it was a good idea to set a budget and bring only that much cash!  It would be SO easy to go nuts and swipe the plastic all day.  I don’t think I went into any booth without wanting SOMETHING!

I believe I came home with a fiber high- my mom and I couldn’t stop laughing.  And based strange looks from my husband, our stories were not as funny as we thought they were.  We have decied that a fiber high is much like LSD, you can absorb it through your skin.  It was imposible to walk by anything without touching.  Touching was expected!  Strange people would hand you hand you harn and say, “Ohh . . did you feel this one?”on



2 sets of needles

I LOVE the Pirate needles- they are a size 9 (great for dishcloths).  They will go to school with me- we are the Pirates- so the needles are perfect!

The other pair are birch, size 6- they are for the baby yoda sweater- when I am done with the post- I am going to cast on-I will let you know! UPDATE:  I didn’t wait for pics- it is an awful pic, but that is take two of the back of the yoda sweater- I wasn’t getting gauge the first time, but the yarn and the needles seemed to get along so well- that I am going to try to adjust the pattern as I go- I want to use these needles!

I just did the Fetching Gloves for sweetie- they were fun and I covet them.  So I bought yarn to make my own (see yarn post) and a wooden cable needle- I did the first one with a Susan Bates metal one- but I love knitting with wood so I thought I would try it (cable needle is lost in the stash- sorry- no pic)

I will post again later about the yarn- I am not ready to organize my thoughts there!