I have been secretyl participating in the Project Spectrum knit-along.  Kind of a cool idea- for 2 months you knit in 3 colors,  Feb/March is Gray/Blue/White.

I did the Gray Gloves for Sweetie:


The lace scarf that I will show on Monday (blocking tonight, giving on Sat) is a blue that borders on purple.

I need to now try something in white.  I am not a white girl-  I am messy and tend to have little spots on everything (like the red paint on my sleeve today that is left from a production of SNOOPY!!! The Muscial from 6 years ago, I love the sweater and have learned to ignore the paint)

Maybe I should knit myself a new sweater . . . I have been thinking about the Perfect Sweater with a V neck (all things should have V necks!).  How can you say no to a Perfect Sweater.  Maybe with a slight bell sleeve . . . long on the hips . . .   hmmmm . . . I wonder what yarn I want- OHH I could use the Shine worsted from Knit Picks- this stuff is SINFULLY soft.  Maybe I will see how it knits with the baby sweater I need to start (I have decided I will get the needles i need at Stitches West this weekend!).

Mom asked when I was going to start the Baby’s Sweater, told her I needed needles first, she looked at the vase full of needles (I use mostly bamboo and they look so pretty in the vase!) and then looked at me as if I was crazy- I had to then explain that the size mattered- it was very complicated.  I think she still thinks I am crazy.