I am making up for not posting in a week- 2 in one day-

I will be going to Stitches West this weeknd- anyone with any pointers?

I am very excited- I have talke my mom (who doesn’t knit, but loves yarn for/with me) to go as well.

What should we expect, bring or see?

UPDATE:  Stitches is tomarrow- when I got home from work today, my mom was there- she wanted to borrow yarn, needles and a hook!  I view this with mixed feelings- I know we should all spread the yarn love- but it was also great to have someone who would go to yarn things, liked to buy yarn but didn’t use it herself.    I think she is most interested in Crochet- her mom did the hook think – so I think that is more interesting to her- that and the fact that it is easier on her hands (she has injuies from 25+ years as a library geek).