Sorry things have been a bit sparse around here the past week.  Life has been super crazy and I just never found time to write.

I have done a bit of knitting- I DID MY FIRST LACE!  I will show you pictures next week- as it is a gift that i don’t want to give too many hints for (and I am pretty sure she reads the blog . . . so the rest will have to wait).

In the past month I have made first attempts at cables and at lace.  I am pretty proud of how they turned out- I have not blocked the lace yet (that is up for tonight after church), but I am pretty sure all will be well.  The problem- I have nothing fun to knit!

I have the yarn to make a Baby Yoda Sweater.  The yarn is YUMMY- So very soft- So very GREEN (grass)- I am looking forward to the pattern- but I need to buy needles- and I just don’t seem motivated to go get them.  I have had the yarn for a while- I keep petting it.  I really can’t believe how soft it really is.  The sweater will be for the little one on its way in Germany- a nice cotton sweater for the Fall and Spring over there (the baby is due in August- so it should work well).

I am in the mood to try something new.  I saw this in a magazine the other day. 

 (There was supposed to be a pic here of the bag/bible in question, but i could’t get it in the right format. Please click on the link- it is very cute!)

I think I am going to try to make one!  I am knitting the bag to felt.  Then I will make handles and maybe a stripe in some fun fabric to give it a young, trendy look.  We have another auction coming up at church- I think I will put it together for that, kind of a Bible Study in a Bag thing. 

Well, take care.  i don’t know if I will post again until after STITCHES WEST!  Which is just around the  corner from me this weekend.  My mom and I will be going and i can’t wait!  I am hoping to get in to a Market session to learn Contential Knitting!  I keep hearing it is faster- I go pretty fast English- but I am a speed girl (you should see me drive!) so faster is better.

take care!