This is the note my Dear left on the beach for me last year!  I love you too Sweetie!!

If you have not read it- I recomend reading the Yarn Harlot’s post today.  WELL SAID!!!!

As for me, we have a great rule in our house!  Valentine’s presents must be made!  You have seen the Fetching gloves my sweetie got this morning- He loved them (or was at least kind enought to pretned).  I must admit- i was a bit sad that they fit!  Now I have to make myself a pair!

This morning, my boys gave me this:


In case you don’t read 3 1/2 year old- it says ” I love to play with my Mama!”  The larger one at home says “I love my Mommy, ’cause she is my friend, ’cause she loves me”  The fact that there are only a handful of letters is not the point (he writes in a VERY condesed language)! 

They spent an hour in the dinning room last night (while I had a FAB bath!).   To have Sweetie do anything crafty is a sign of how much he loves me and how willing he is to humor me (crafty/handy are not words one would often use to describe him!)  I got a collection of foam craft hearts with sitickers and such- Zae got to glue things . . . This was the highlight for him!  These big hearts remind me of the homemade cards you see in movies or cartoons for V-day.  The kind you made for mom as a kid . . . You know the ones with HUGE Doillies and such . . . I always wanted one of those!

Today is Zae’s first school V-Day.  Rememeber how much those sucked!  Making the box and hoping you got as many of the stupid little cards as you gave?  Zae took his box of SpiderMan Valentienes to school- I hope all goes well for him.  His school requests that you only sign your child’s name to the card, not assign the cards to specific kids, we will see . . .

I hope today finds you and yours happy and well!  On a day that the world dedicates to heart shaped candy boxes and oversized balloons, remember the importnat thing.  We love these people ”cause they are our friends, ‘casue they love us!  Take the time today to remember how lucky we are!