Those rainbow socks I was making for myself- 1 is done has been done a while, I have turned the heal of the other- and there has been an accident . . .

Sunday, I had the sock in my purse.  We went to a 4th Birthday/Superbowl party and I didn’t know how much fun it would be, so I brought an activity.  I ended up going shopping with 2 other moms from church- we left the hubbos to watch the game and our boys and we went to Kohls!  Anyway, at Kohls, I reached into my purse to get something and came out with a needle.  I convinced myself that it must have been the free needle- I was wrong!

It is sticky yarn and I didn’t move the sock until I got home- but the damage was done!  A whole needles worth of stitches just sitting there.  I think I picked up all the stictches- but I haven’t counted!  I am scared to!  very very very scared to!  What if i have lost one and can’t find it!  What if i have to rip this sock?  Can I just rip back to the heal flap and start there?  Or will it all have to go?  I don’t think I can handle that!  After the 3 1/2 inches during inservice, knit the flap on the way to Sacramento, I have about 1/4 of the foot done already.  My sweetie bought me the yarn for Christmas, he wants to see it knit up ( I must not turn down his trips to the LYS).  But I don’t know if I can start it again. 

The good side, in order to avoid really knowing what the damage is, I have finished 1 dishcloth and have about 6-10 rows on a second (it will be done when the yarn is gone).  These will be for my Father-in-law for his birthday to go to his cabin!  The kitchen goods have gotten a bit worn and need to be replaced.

Sorry for the lack of pics, I couldn’t stand to look this morning.