Really, Sweetie- DON’T- It will ruin the suprise (not that you don’t know that it is a gray something made from yarn already)

Ok- the rule in our house is that V-Day gifts have to be home made.  This normally involves some paint and picture frame- but this year I descided to really give a gift he could use.

When he plays in the band on Sunday Morning, he sits RIGHT under the AC- he complains that his fingers are too cold to play.  So cast these on:


They are the fetching gloves from Knitty.  I thought I understood the cable thing (these are my first)- but we all know what happens when I think ahead of myself- so instead of cables I have snakes.  But I got smart- this time I have decided to call it a design element and keep repeating my “choice”.  I think I will have the ones at the top twist instead of snake- but we will see.  I think the snakes are more manly than the cables- I don’t know, I may be trying to convince myself here.  The yarn is Wool-Ease in some kind of Slate Gray

Then I got this from Knit Picks this morning.  First, it is EVIL the amount of tempting email my friends at Knit Picks send out.  If you have never bought from these WONDERFUL people- do!  I have enjoyed ALL the yarn they have sent and you CAN’T beat the prices.  I do most of my felting with thier Wool of the Andes.

I don’t know if I can resist knit boxer shorts.  However, i don’t know if I dare- do  I make the ones for him or for me as the gift?  Any Ideas?