A Sheep Shearer!

I just watched the BEST episode of Higglytown Heros (a Playhouse Disney show).  It was Biggest, Tallest Longest day and no one had anything LONGEST- so the Higgly Kids went to see grandma who used her YARN to make the longest scarf, but she ran out of yarn.  When they called for a hero the got the SHEEP SHEARER!  Who then sang about sheep and wool and spinning- she presented Grandma with more yarn and Grandma (a SUPER speed knitter) whipped out the longest scarf- there were die lot problems (first half of scarf is blue and green, last half all pure wool, no die), but the woman got FRESH Yarn!  It was a great episode!

I gotta go, time to get ready for church- but I had to share!

Even Disney knows how important Wool is!  Go Micky!