OK- here is the first of my “for the new baby” knit things (I think, it has some issues, so it may get redone for the little one).  It is a bunny toy/blankie thing in the softest cuddly yarn every ( I can’t stop rubbing in on my face!).  The picture SUCKS!!!  Really Really Really SUCKS!!!!  The bunny does not look this crazy in real life- I promise- I do not want to scare the little one.


I don’t know what the yarn is- something from Michaels or Joann’s- my mom got it about a year ago for another baby project.

The pattern is from Lion Brand.  Very easy and fun- if you don’t get stupid (i did).   The bunny should have a stuffed head- and would- it you were smart enough to follow directions and not to drop the ENTIRE head off your needles (I HATE METAL NEEDLES- WAY TO SLIPPERY) while watching Nanny McFee (really a cute movie, I was laughing so hard at the wedding and slippy slippy slip went the bunny).  The directions for the head (if followed) make a head that can be stuffed, it is really cool.  I have made this before (exactly like the one in the pattern) and it worked.  This time I thought- I am a smarter knitter than this pattern (which was probably written by someone who makes a LIVING from patterns as oppposed to me) I don’t have to follow direction.


I am not sure if this will go to Germany or to a local charity.  It depends on if I can find out what the yarn was and then get more- I don’t have enought to make another one- and I really like it better stuffed.  I could frog this one- but it is sticky yarn and  I don’t want to fight it.

We will see . . .