February 2007

Zae’s newest trick to not go to bed is to come out and tell us “very important” things.  Last night, he came out and told me:

“Mommy, I wouldn’t ever trade you . . Not even for a beanstalk!”

Couldn’t you just Melt!


I wouldn’t trade him either . . . not for all the magic beans in the world!



This is my best friend’s oldest daughter (I can’t believe she has 2 little girls now!).  Her oldest is almost 3 and is modeling her Christmas/New Baby Sister presents.  The baby got a sweater and hat to match her big sis.

Isn’t she just the SWEETEST thing in the world!  She has the greatest goofy personality!

Her mom and I have been friends since we were about her age!  Actually about 3 1/2.  When I say I have known her mom my whole life- it is true.

I watch my son make friends now and I wonder if he will be lucky enough to say the same thing  some day.  That he will luck into finding someone that he will love and respect, some one who will be in many ways  more like a sibling than a friend. Someone who can live just down the street, in the next town, at the other end of the state or on the other side of the country and it won’t matter.  Someone he can talk to every day or not for months, but the friendship is still the same.  This type of friend is a rare gem.  I only hope he will be so lucky! 

I am so lucky to know her! 

Take a moment today to thank a friend.  They bring more blessings to life than we ever think about!

OK- here it is, what you have been waiting for- THE YARN FROM STICHES 2007:


The color is bad on my camera- according to Misti Alpaca it is the Tangerine color  (personally I would call it Pumpkin).  It is going to be a pair of the Fetching fingerless gloves for yours truly- I may never take them off!  Even better, the yarn was 25% off- I love a sale!

To make CRABBY SOCKS!for mom

Two Sock Yarns- The Tofutsies is for me- I heard about it from Lime & Violet– then have seen it EVERYWHERE!  it is 50% Superwash Wool, 25% SoySilk, 22.5% Cotton and 2.5% CHITIN.  Chitin is made from shrimp and crab shells.  I wanted this for 2 reasons- I LOVE CRAB– with a great passion- one of the best things about living in the Bay Area is CRAB SEASON!  YUMM!  Second- I want to get to say the following:  “You had better be nice to me, I have on my Crabby Socks!”  The color is a blue, purple and green stripe (Stand on Your Own Two Feet) it looks like it might have a white pattern in it as well!

The Fleece Artist is one of mom’s purchases.  She wanted socks from it and I wanted to knit it- so she bought from Full Thread Ahead!  The colorway is Nova-Hercule, a stripe of Deep blues, purples and black.  I am looking forward to knitting with it.


These are from Newton’s Yarn Country!  We were on our way out- trying to find the door (this was a frequent problem for us- mom and I are good shoppers, GREAT shoppers- but we got excited that we kept getting lost!) when we found Newton’s yarn at the very end of the exibit halls (they used 4 of them!!!! and they were full!!! we have good excuses for getting lost!).  The sign said- ALL HANKS $7- must buy 5!  Yep $7!  In we went to spend the rest of the budget!  The red is for me (I don’t know what it wants to be yet).  It seems to be a worsted weight Rayon & Kid Mohair blend in the color Montana- and there is about 800 yards!  800 yards for $7!  COOL!

The green is for mom.  She wants some type of shawl to wear at work.  We aren’t sure if she is going to crochet it (she is re-learning to crochet- her mom did, and she is seeing if she remembers how) or if I will knit her one.  There are 5 skeins at about 150 Yards in the pile.  Is it just me, or does that picture remind you of that scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark- with the tomb and the snakes?

And Last, but Not least:


MY $15 dollar Sweater!  Yep- the BAG-O-YARN was only $15! I don’t know what the sweater will look like yet- but I am looking forward to seeing.  I forgot to get the information for this one- I will update tonight from home!

Well, there it is!  My haul from Stitches!  I can’t wait to go again!  late Feb 2008- I will be there!  It was so much fun!  I might try to take 1 long class (not the short market sessions), but we will see . . . It would cut into my yarn $$$$.

Oh My Gosh- Stitches was AMAZING!  Really, really Really Really Amazing!  I will update this post later with yarn porn pictures- I have having trouble getting my pics to up load today!

I don’t have words for the beauty of the fiber!  The colors . . . the texture. . . the yardage!  OH MY GOSH

We got there about 9, cause traffic was much better than we had feared- the comute from home to the South Bay is one of the worst in the country- so we were afraid it would take hours!  But it didn’t.

We got there and bought our tickets- I had planned to buy the tickets online- but never did- I was glad i hadn’t- the line for online was longer than the bought at Stitches was.  We stood in line and talked to a lovely woman about her Einstein Coat.  My mom wants one and I am thinking about doing for her.

At 11:00, the doors opened, we were pretty early in line- so we got right in.  OH MY GOSH!  It was over whelming!  In the best of ways.  Mom wanted to see if they had any learn to crochet classes (the didn’t- all knit).  I thought about taking a Market Session- but then I came to my senses and realized this was a bad idea for 2 reasons: 1- I am an awful studnet (teachers normally are)- I get very annoyed when people ask questions they should know.  2- if I spent the $35 bucks on the class- that was $35 less I could spend on yarn.

Speaking of spending on yarn:  if you go- set a budget!  I found it was a good idea to set a budget and bring only that much cash!  It would be SO easy to go nuts and swipe the plastic all day.  I don’t think I went into any booth without wanting SOMETHING!

I believe I came home with a fiber high- my mom and I couldn’t stop laughing.  And based strange looks from my husband, our stories were not as funny as we thought they were.  We have decied that a fiber high is much like LSD, you can absorb it through your skin.  It was imposible to walk by anything without touching.  Touching was expected!  Strange people would hand you hand you harn and say, “Ohh . . did you feel this one?”on



2 sets of needles

I LOVE the Pirate needles- they are a size 9 (great for dishcloths).  They will go to school with me- we are the Pirates- so the needles are perfect!

The other pair are birch, size 6- they are for the baby yoda sweater- when I am done with the post- I am going to cast on-I will let you know! UPDATE:  I didn’t wait for pics- it is an awful pic, but that is take two of the back of the yoda sweater- I wasn’t getting gauge the first time, but the yarn and the needles seemed to get along so well- that I am going to try to adjust the pattern as I go- I want to use these needles!

I just did the Fetching Gloves for sweetie- they were fun and I covet them.  So I bought yarn to make my own (see yarn post) and a wooden cable needle- I did the first one with a Susan Bates metal one- but I love knitting with wood so I thought I would try it (cable needle is lost in the stash- sorry- no pic)

I will post again later about the yarn- I am not ready to organize my thoughts there!

I have been secretyl participating in the Project Spectrum knit-along.  Kind of a cool idea- for 2 months you knit in 3 colors,  Feb/March is Gray/Blue/White.

I did the Gray Gloves for Sweetie:


The lace scarf that I will show on Monday (blocking tonight, giving on Sat) is a blue that borders on purple.

I need to now try something in white.  I am not a white girl-  I am messy and tend to have little spots on everything (like the red paint on my sleeve today that is left from a production of SNOOPY!!! The Muscial from 6 years ago, I love the sweater and have learned to ignore the paint)

Maybe I should knit myself a new sweater . . . I have been thinking about the Perfect Sweater with a V neck (all things should have V necks!).  How can you say no to a Perfect Sweater.  Maybe with a slight bell sleeve . . . long on the hips . . .   hmmmm . . . I wonder what yarn I want- OHH I could use the Shine worsted from Knit Picks- this stuff is SINFULLY soft.  Maybe I will see how it knits with the baby sweater I need to start (I have decided I will get the needles i need at Stitches West this weekend!).

Mom asked when I was going to start the Baby’s Sweater, told her I needed needles first, she looked at the vase full of needles (I use mostly bamboo and they look so pretty in the vase!) and then looked at me as if I was crazy- I had to then explain that the size mattered- it was very complicated.  I think she still thinks I am crazy.

I am making up for not posting in a week- 2 in one day-

I will be going to Stitches West this weeknd- anyone with any pointers?

I am very excited- I have talke my mom (who doesn’t knit, but loves yarn for/with me) to go as well.

What should we expect, bring or see?

UPDATE:  Stitches is tomarrow- when I got home from work today, my mom was there- she wanted to borrow yarn, needles and a hook!  I view this with mixed feelings- I know we should all spread the yarn love- but it was also great to have someone who would go to yarn things, liked to buy yarn but didn’t use it herself.    I think she is most interested in Crochet- her mom did the hook think – so I think that is more interesting to her- that and the fact that it is easier on her hands (she has injuies from 25+ years as a library geek).

Sorry things have been a bit sparse around here the past week.  Life has been super crazy and I just never found time to write.

I have done a bit of knitting- I DID MY FIRST LACE!  I will show you pictures next week- as it is a gift that i don’t want to give too many hints for (and I am pretty sure she reads the blog . . . so the rest will have to wait).

In the past month I have made first attempts at cables and at lace.  I am pretty proud of how they turned out- I have not blocked the lace yet (that is up for tonight after church), but I am pretty sure all will be well.  The problem- I have nothing fun to knit!

I have the yarn to make a Baby Yoda Sweater.  The yarn is YUMMY- So very soft- So very GREEN (grass)- I am looking forward to the pattern- but I need to buy needles- and I just don’t seem motivated to go get them.  I have had the yarn for a while- I keep petting it.  I really can’t believe how soft it really is.  The sweater will be for the little one on its way in Germany- a nice cotton sweater for the Fall and Spring over there (the baby is due in August- so it should work well).

I am in the mood to try something new.  I saw this in a magazine the other day. 

 (There was supposed to be a pic here of the bag/bible in question, but i could’t get it in the right format. Please click on the link- it is very cute!)

I think I am going to try to make one!  I am knitting the bag to felt.  Then I will make handles and maybe a stripe in some fun fabric to give it a young, trendy look.  We have another auction coming up at church- I think I will put it together for that, kind of a Bible Study in a Bag thing. 

Well, take care.  i don’t know if I will post again until after STITCHES WEST!  Which is just around the  corner from me this weekend.  My mom and I will be going and i can’t wait!  I am hoping to get in to a Market session to learn Contential Knitting!  I keep hearing it is faster- I go pretty fast English- but I am a speed girl (you should see me drive!) so faster is better.

take care!

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