I LOVE NEEDLE FELTING!!!!!!  It ROCKS!  This eyeglass case was the first thing I fetlted last summer.  It is a handy little bugger!  I use it all the time.  But it was Dull.  I had a Dull Sunday this weekend, my son is sick- that viral thing going around- and he needed to stay in all weekend (Monday and Tuesday of the week too) so I have been in all weekend too (I got to go to school till Lunch on Monday- Hubby stayed home till then).  And NOTHING I had at home seemed to interest me.

I really wanted to work more on the Rock’n’Roll sock, but I think it was tainted on Friday with the whole inservice thing from HELL!

So I did this . . .


Isn’t that neat!  I know there is no way you would know this, based on the fact that none ofyou have seen my handwritting- but it is terrible!  Very very bad- my teachers in grade school told me to learn to type!  However, with yarn or thread- it rocks!  I have no idea why!  It makes no sense!

Since then I have done two more, one for a Mother-in-Law (no the one with the scarf- my other one) and one for a friend.  I forgot to take pictures last night- so I will do that and try and add later.

Take care!