Here they are- my contributions to the fun fur hat knit-along at Minestrone Soup for Boston Children’s Hospital.muppet-hats.JPG

I think they are so funny!  They were all knit with left over yarns- I was pretty excited for a chance to use up the fun fur in my house.

Or at least that was the plan!

Then I gave one of my mother-in-laws a scarf for Christmas to which she responded with, “wow you really do knit!’  .  She loves the scarf (done on the 50 size needles with lion brand- it is one of my fave scarfs too!), and asked if I would knit her another scarf for her Birthday coming up (I won’t say the years, just that it is a milestone and we can’t wait to celebrate with her).  She even sent me the yarn- 10 skeins of FUN FUR!  I used 4 or 5 on the scarf and another few on the blue/cream hat top left above.  It is with a Navy and Cream held together and I LOVE the kind of silver fox effect they had- the colors change depending on how you “brush it”. 

I had hoped to end the knit along with less novelty yarn than I started with, but that was not to be.  So now I have more Fun Fur to play with . . . any ideas?