How much sock could a teacher knit

If a teacher could knit a sock while stuck in a theatre listening to the worlds most dull, and worse yet INSULTING presenter ever?


That is a lot of sock for 4 hours!

I cast on last night and did 1 row- just enough to have it stay on the needles!  3 1/2 inches!  And I tried to pay attention a litte (that didn’t last long- really she was insulting to my subject- bad idea- we almost had words!), I also spent at least 30 min getting snacks and going to the bathroom (on the good side, I am well hydrated- I had to drink a lot of water in order to have to pee that much!).  The amounts to about an inch an hour- I am pretty proud of that!

This is the second in the pair (see avoiding second sock syndrome, cast on right away) of the pair I wrote about the other day.  I stayed up late last night to finish the 1st so that I could have the 2nd one to do today.  I don’t know what i did in these meetings before I knit!  For eight years I must have just wanted to DIE!!!! (I didn’t think to take a pic of the first one- I will take one when both are done)

WARNING-TEACHER VENTING TO FOLLOW- this is the end of the knitting content!

In case you didn’t know, I teach theatre- it is an elective and not tested the same way Math and Language Arts are- I know this!  But according to the evil that is No Child Left Behind- there are 5 core subjects- Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Science and ART (This is the ONLY thing in NCLB that is worth talking about, but I digress).  Art is VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts).  WE COUNT!  The only time this person mentioned us was to say things like, “Oh yeah- they are SUPPOSED to be covering this in Fine Arts as well” First- SUPPOSED to- You can bet your little gradebook that my class is more in line with grade level standards than many on this campus.  Second, You bet you BUTT that we are doing it.

Once she said something nice about a class, but prefaces with “this was a great example, WOULD YOU BELIEVE it was in a Home Economics class.”  Hello, why wouldn’t it be?  Just because we teach subjects outside her idea of core- does not mean we are lesser teachers.  For heavens’ sake – I have both a theatre and ENGLISH credential- I choose to teach this, not beacuse I am a lesser teacher- but becasue I LOVE the arts!  Because I think that the Arts bring value to ALL other areas of life.  That without Art, there is little purpose in life.  Art is that which brings meaning (Sorry, this is a bit of a soap box for me!).

We are done now, 7 hours of my life down the drain.  I did get my next sock started- and designed another hat for the Knit-Along.  I have 3 done already ( this is a great way to use up some of that “what was I thinking” novelty yarn we all have- and to help kids out in the process!).  I will try to get some pics this weekend.

Have a wonderful, RESTFUL weekend!