I have been at work since 8 (cause I am a good little girl), no kids till 10:30 (finals week and it is my prep period right now!). 

I have all my grades done for periods 1-4 (just have 6th left, they have the 10:30 final) UPDATE:  Ok it is 1:00- all my grades are in and done and submitted!  I have 2 hours left! (bets on my sneaking out early . . .)

I know- you have seen my desk and I needs to be cleaned- but I don’t want to!  I will, at some point today.  I promise! (I did it- it took 10 min- oh joy!)

OK- the baby news . . .


Who thinks these two should reproduce . . . ?


 the baby we found out about a while ago, but I wasn’t to knit for due to worries is IN ITS (we don’t know boy/girl yet) SECOND TRIMESTER!  I got the knitting go-ahead from my sister-in-law (yep- my brother is going to be a dad!  OH MY GOD!)  She sent an email saying she had made the second timester.

The cold place the live . . . GERMANY, Black Forest- COLD!  Yeah- this is a baby that will need warm things and a MOM who does the yarn thing too- so she will “get” the knitted gifts! 

The pic is from some German Winter Holiday where they wear costumes and do strange things.  The American side of the family is trying really hard to understand Germany- but they get very cold, and very strange- it is FAB!!!!!!!!  They have so much fun! 

I am so happy and excited for you two three!!