Ok- here is the last of the yarn my dear gave me for Christmas.  I wanted lots of color and that is what he found.  I was waiting to start with this until I had a basic grip on the sock thing-‘ cause I want these- I don’t want to give them away.

The yarn: Wildfoote in Color Rock N’ Roll- washable wool


The sock:

A simple 1 x 1 rib then leg, short row heel etc . . .


And as usual the backgroud is my super Messy desk.  It is finals week here at the high school- so I should get aroud to cleaning the desk- or I may just read blogs.  See the kids are gone at 12:30, but we are here till 3 (at least on paper)

Two more days with kids, then 3 of my 5 classes change!  Acting 1 will be over, till next Fall!  YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Have a good one!