Ok- I am a big huge DORK!  When I posted the picture of the button hole  bag a few days ago, I also sent a picture to Ann at Mason Dixion (at the end of the pattern they ask you to, I am not that big of a dork!). 

Ann wrote me back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- it came to my work email this am.  I feel so cool.  She was very sweet and kind!  I feel like a total dork right now, but I am so excited. 

That is one way to brighten up the Friday before Finals!

One of the best things about teaching Acting is that some of my classes are only semester long.  That meas that in 2 week, I get new classes!  I like that!  Only kids who have a C or better in Acting 1 can take Actin 2- so second semester is where I get to weed out the kids that don’t want to be here.  So I am left with the more solid kids in Acting 2.  I also like Acting 2 more for a subject.  It is less of the basics and more of the History and style of theatre- MUCH more fun for me (Acting 1 is the stuff I learned in my first acting class (I was 10).  It gets really dull for me- 3 hours a day 107 kids!

The cold spell here has broken for now-  It is getting back up to normal for a while anyway.  There wasn’t as much ice on my van this am (the heater is working again- much better).  I can see blue sky through the windows in my room- I want to be outside, in a park or something- it is that kind of weather.  Oh Well . . .