Good Morning:

We are starting to thaw out here.  However, I have gotten a cold.  Spent last night in a NyQuil stuppor ( my husband thinks this is one of the funniest things going).  Woke up feeling yucky- but it is finals season at the high school- so I have grading to do every day this week.  Finals aren’t until next week, but I have memorizations to grade in Acting 1 today and Notes scenes to grade in Workshop (advanced acting) Thurs & Fri- so for now there is no rest for the wicked I suppose (by the way, Wicked, one of the best shows I have ever seen, if it comes near you see it!)

Ok- The FOs


First a Button Hole Bag from Mason Dixion Knitting.  This was the first bag I knit/felted and I actually followed the pattern pretty carefully (for me, this is a VERY rare thing, I can’t follow a pattern or directions to save my life!).  The yarn is Cascade 220 in 3  colors.  I knit with 4 strands at a time (pattern called for 2 strands of bulky, so I just doubled it forworsted- I hadn’t been knitting long).  The bag is so solid it just might stop a bullet!  When one of the 4 balls ran out, I just started with a new ball in a new color, not the most formal way to change colors, but I like the Fair Isle-ish look it got.


An eye glass/makeup case in Noro Kureyon.  I LOVE THIS YARN, but not the way it felts.  It gets kind of hairy, and takes a lot of shaving.  But once you get it shaved- I like it a lot.  The colors make it really easy to find in the purse. The little button is from my Grandma Goose’s Button Jar- she has been gone a while and it bring a smile to my face everytime I open the case to think of using her button.

I learned to knit with this yarn.  I had been wanting to learn for a while and was in Ashland, OR for the Shakespeare Fest when I wandered into Web-sters, a wonderful LYS.  There I found this yarn.  I had  needles with me and some Red Heart  to try to learn, tossed the Red Heart and got the Noro- it was fun!  That is now one of my FAVE scarfs!

Take care- stay warm and dry!