I did it!  They are floopy, they are large, they are DONE!


OK, the picture sucks- the light in the room was bad!  But I couldn’t wait to get the picture. I would have posted Sat Am, but there were issues . . . I finished them in Cosco Friday night.  By the way a sweatshirt with a Kangaroo pocket holds yarn VERY well!.

Did I mention they are done?  My husband loves them! HE better!  It only took me 48 hours to steal borrow them to keep my feet warm!

I have cast on and finished one of these Fuzzy Feet Slippers, I wasn’t crazy about the heal so i did it the way Stephanie tells us to in Knitting Rules.  I have finished one and have turned the heal of the second.

I had hopes to finish it last night, as we spent 3 hours in Minor Injury with my husband ( he is fine, one of those better safe than sorry things), but when I got there I pulled out the slipper and had only 3 needles with me!  Dang!  It was a good thing that I had grabed a second sock to work on just in case!  It had all 4 needles, so I got a lot done on that.  I was just past the ribbing when we go there and have almost finished the heal flap now.

It was busy at the hospital last night.  And there was a LOT of yarn! 2 knit, 1 hooker.  It was cool.  we kind of all sat there eyeing each other’s work, then talking about the projects- my husband just hid in his music cataloge.