Ok- As I have said before, I live is the SF Bay Area.  We have normally have a form of winter- but not a real, snow & such winter.  NOT THIS YEAR!

We are having the coldest weather on record- not fun. 

This is a pic from a local Nurseryfern-and-ice-resized.JPG


This is just wrong.  When you live in a place that still sells ferns in January, you should not have this kind of ice.

On Sunday, there was still a LOT of ice on the van when we went to church at 9:15 am!  It was so cold that we put water to defrost-and the water froze (this is not normal where we live).  I guess our front hose leaks a bit- as there was a little ice stalagmite under the hose! 

I hope you are warmer!  Have a mentioned the heater in my Van doesn’t work in the mornings?  I am so very cold!