Sounds like a Star Trek character . . .  

This is the third sock of my first pair!  I knit one- huge does not begin to tell the size of this thing- then knit a second that was only Big- frogged #1 (yes, therewas a bit of wine required) and cast on #3.  It is not a great pic of the sock( the color is pretty true)- but it does show the mess on my desk nicely!  A messy desk is a sign of a creative mind . . .  right?sock-_3.JPG

Anyway- the yarn is Aura 8- a very soft wool with a tendency to split.  It is done on size 6 needles and is a man’s boot sock- so very big- very easy for first try.

I am getting the heal turn thing down- as I have done it 3 times now for this pair and have slippers on needles for me at home- I don’t like the pattern for the heel turn on those- so I am trying to figure it out on my own- I think I have turned that heel 3 times as well!

I should be ready to do the toe by the end of the day.  I get to cover a class on my prep (GREAT KNITTING TIME, $40 an hour to watch a class, I knit . . . LOVE IT), then we have a rally OUTSIDE (it is very cold here right now, temps in the teens over night, low 50’s all days, for Bay Area, this is VERY COLD- coldest weather in 10+ years!)  I should be able to get a some knitting done at the rally.  I hope to be done with these today (I am kind of sick of them to be honest).  They will be for my husband.

UPDATE:  It was too (#$(#$&# cold at the rally to knit.  I tried- really hard, but i couldn’t feel the yarn through my gloves and I couldnt’ feel my fingers with out the gloves- so IT was a total loss!  It SUCKED!

Did I tell you what he got me for Christmas?  A how to knit socks KIT!  He went to MULTIPLE LYS- ASKED questions and got me :

  • 2 sock yarns- one you see above and one I love so much I didn’t want to use it till I knew what I was doing becasue the socks MUST be mine (1st pair was supposed to be too, but they are too big- so I will give them to him)
  • 3 books
  • 2 sets dpn
  • 2 circ needles (in case I want to try that)

I LOVE HIM- isn’t that so cool!?

Well, brunch is over and there are kids who need to be acting, so I must go!

Have a safe, WARM and restful 3 day weekend!