Well, I guessed right- I did no posting over my break- I thought about it many times- but then I went and did puzzles with the boy.  Or cuddled up with more knitting.

I HAVE Figured socks out!  I have finished 2 socks ( a pair of sorts)- the first one was huge (big doens’t begin to cover the size)- my husband of the mammoth feet couldn’t wear the first one.  The second was better- baggy but fine for a slipper sock.  I have frogged the first one ( I know, frog my first sock- there were almost tears!).  I plan to cast on first sock #3 during my faculty meeting today- I will send pictures when I get brave enough to take them.

Till now- all pics have been taken with my cell phone then sent to my email- which sometimes receives them and sometimes thinks they are spam- then up loaded- it takes 24 hours-  I am working on a new system- I should have this under control in the next few days.

I hope you all had a great new year- may 2007 be a better year than 2006!