January 2007

Ok- I know I already posted- but this was so funny I had to share!  I know my darling has GBB (sorry sweetie- but you do).  I bet we all know people with this same condition!


I LOVE NEEDLE FELTING!!!!!!  It ROCKS!  This eyeglass case was the first thing I fetlted last summer.  It is a handy little bugger!  I use it all the time.  But it was Dull.  I had a Dull Sunday this weekend, my son is sick- that viral thing going around- and he needed to stay in all weekend (Monday and Tuesday of the week too) so I have been in all weekend too (I got to go to school till Lunch on Monday- Hubby stayed home till then).  And NOTHING I had at home seemed to interest me.

I really wanted to work more on the Rock’n’Roll sock, but I think it was tainted on Friday with the whole inservice thing from HELL!

So I did this . . .


Isn’t that neat!  I know there is no way you would know this, based on the fact that none ofyou have seen my handwritting- but it is terrible!  Very very bad- my teachers in grade school told me to learn to type!  However, with yarn or thread- it rocks!  I have no idea why!  It makes no sense!

Since then I have done two more, one for a Mother-in-Law (no the one with the scarf- my other one) and one for a friend.  I forgot to take pictures last night- so I will do that and try and add later.

Take care!

Here they are- my contributions to the fun fur hat knit-along at Minestrone Soup for Boston Children’s Hospital.muppet-hats.JPG

I think they are so funny!  They were all knit with left over yarns- I was pretty excited for a chance to use up the fun fur in my house.

Or at least that was the plan!

Then I gave one of my mother-in-laws a scarf for Christmas to which she responded with, “wow you really do knit!’  .  She loves the scarf (done on the 50 size needles with lion brand- it is one of my fave scarfs too!), and asked if I would knit her another scarf for her Birthday coming up (I won’t say the years, just that it is a milestone and we can’t wait to celebrate with her).  She even sent me the yarn- 10 skeins of FUN FUR!  I used 4 or 5 on the scarf and another few on the blue/cream hat top left above.  It is with a Navy and Cream held together and I LOVE the kind of silver fox effect they had- the colors change depending on how you “brush it”. 

I had hoped to end the knit along with less novelty yarn than I started with, but that was not to be.  So now I have more Fun Fur to play with . . . any ideas?

How much sock could a teacher knit

If a teacher could knit a sock while stuck in a theatre listening to the worlds most dull, and worse yet INSULTING presenter ever?


That is a lot of sock for 4 hours!

I cast on last night and did 1 row- just enough to have it stay on the needles!  3 1/2 inches!  And I tried to pay attention a litte (that didn’t last long- really she was insulting to my subject- bad idea- we almost had words!), I also spent at least 30 min getting snacks and going to the bathroom (on the good side, I am well hydrated- I had to drink a lot of water in order to have to pee that much!).  The amounts to about an inch an hour- I am pretty proud of that!

This is the second in the pair (see avoiding second sock syndrome, cast on right away) of the pair I wrote about the other day.  I stayed up late last night to finish the 1st so that I could have the 2nd one to do today.  I don’t know what i did in these meetings before I knit!  For eight years I must have just wanted to DIE!!!! (I didn’t think to take a pic of the first one- I will take one when both are done)

WARNING-TEACHER VENTING TO FOLLOW- this is the end of the knitting content!

In case you didn’t know, I teach theatre- it is an elective and not tested the same way Math and Language Arts are- I know this!  But according to the evil that is No Child Left Behind- there are 5 core subjects- Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Science and ART (This is the ONLY thing in NCLB that is worth talking about, but I digress).  Art is VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts).  WE COUNT!  The only time this person mentioned us was to say things like, “Oh yeah- they are SUPPOSED to be covering this in Fine Arts as well” First- SUPPOSED to- You can bet your little gradebook that my class is more in line with grade level standards than many on this campus.  Second, You bet you BUTT that we are doing it.

Once she said something nice about a class, but prefaces with “this was a great example, WOULD YOU BELIEVE it was in a Home Economics class.”  Hello, why wouldn’t it be?  Just because we teach subjects outside her idea of core- does not mean we are lesser teachers.  For heavens’ sake – I have both a theatre and ENGLISH credential- I choose to teach this, not beacuse I am a lesser teacher- but becasue I LOVE the arts!  Because I think that the Arts bring value to ALL other areas of life.  That without Art, there is little purpose in life.  Art is that which brings meaning (Sorry, this is a bit of a soap box for me!).

We are done now, 7 hours of my life down the drain.  I did get my next sock started- and designed another hat for the Knit-Along.  I have 3 done already ( this is a great way to use up some of that “what was I thinking” novelty yarn we all have- and to help kids out in the process!).  I will try to get some pics this weekend.

Have a wonderful, RESTFUL weekend!

I have been at work since 8 (cause I am a good little girl), no kids till 10:30 (finals week and it is my prep period right now!). 

I have all my grades done for periods 1-4 (just have 6th left, they have the 10:30 final) UPDATE:  Ok it is 1:00- all my grades are in and done and submitted!  I have 2 hours left! (bets on my sneaking out early . . .)

I know- you have seen my desk and I needs to be cleaned- but I don’t want to!  I will, at some point today.  I promise! (I did it- it took 10 min- oh joy!)

OK- the baby news . . .


Who thinks these two should reproduce . . . ?


 the baby we found out about a while ago, but I wasn’t to knit for due to worries is IN ITS (we don’t know boy/girl yet) SECOND TRIMESTER!  I got the knitting go-ahead from my sister-in-law (yep- my brother is going to be a dad!  OH MY GOD!)  She sent an email saying she had made the second timester.

The cold place the live . . . GERMANY, Black Forest- COLD!  Yeah- this is a baby that will need warm things and a MOM who does the yarn thing too- so she will “get” the knitted gifts! 

The pic is from some German Winter Holiday where they wear costumes and do strange things.  The American side of the family is trying really hard to understand Germany- but they get very cold, and very strange- it is FAB!!!!!!!!  They have so much fun! 

I am so happy and excited for you two three!!

Ok- here is the last of the yarn my dear gave me for Christmas.  I wanted lots of color and that is what he found.  I was waiting to start with this until I had a basic grip on the sock thing-‘ cause I want these- I don’t want to give them away.

The yarn: Wildfoote in Color Rock N’ Roll- washable wool


The sock:

A simple 1 x 1 rib then leg, short row heel etc . . .


And as usual the backgroud is my super Messy desk.  It is finals week here at the high school- so I should get aroud to cleaning the desk- or I may just read blogs.  See the kids are gone at 12:30, but we are here till 3 (at least on paper)

Two more days with kids, then 3 of my 5 classes change!  Acting 1 will be over, till next Fall!  YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Have a good one!

My son got felted slippers for Christmas.  My husband got the first socks I did due to a size issue.  I have been coveting thier warm foot coverings the past week or so (and stealing my husbands socks whenever I could!)

I need to no more . . . .

For I have these . . .


Are they FAB, or What?  The are losely based on the Fuzzy Feet pattern from Knitty, but I didn’t get the heal as written so I did it based on Stephanie’s book instead (you do need to be a bit brave to just knit a few past center and turn!).  This is a pic of the slippers pre-felt, Jose the Little People Zookeeper is there for scale.


I felted for two cycles in the machine and then tried to stretch the slippers out- it was a loosing battle.  So I sucked in up and put them on wet (think cotton socks under).  This was not the most fun ever, but I have slippers that fit my feet PERFECTLY !  The joy!  The Warmth!  It is FAB!!!

I wore them plain black most of Saturday- but they were dull.  I had bought myself a needle felting set in Decemeber, so I got that and some scrap yarn and did the flowers~  I LOVE THEM!!!!!!

Wishing you warm feet!

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