I know- a few days too soon- but today is the last day of school until JAN 8 (the joys of teaching)!  I am looking at two weeks of MOMMY Time!I don’t know if I will get around to doing the blog thing in that time.

So I wish you all a wonderful, Merry, Joyful and Blessed Christmas!  May you find the time in the season to remember the joy and love that the season is truly about.

The pic is from last year- but I couldn’t get this year’s pic to load up!

Merry Christmas!


A side note:  it is now lunchtime at work- the last day before the wonder that is the Winter Break.  If I haven’t said it in a while- I LOVE TEENAGERS!  Really!  What wonderful creatures.  Watching them turn from little EVIL things into humans in the space of 4 years (or sometimes 4 second) is amazing.  One of the best parts of the last day of break is the number of colleges that got out earlier.  Today has been Old Home Day- I have seen no less than 10 of the kids we got rid of last year (saddly got rid of but rid of none the less).  They are little grown ups now- and i am so proud!

Teaching is a wonderful job, one I am thankful for often.  The chance to watch, and if you are lucky help, a kid find a path is unlike any other.  On this Holiday, I especially wish a joyful and exciting New Year to all my kids- all of them (at this point we are talking 1000’s of them)-  You all have touched my life in ways you will never know!



Here are some random photos from Thespian activities over the years- all are poor pics- but you guys are loved!  These are the ones I found hidden in the computer!