Now that will get your attention, won’t it!

When Zae was putting his shoes on this morning he said to me “Mommy, when I am big I will get on one knee and I will say ‘Will you marry me'”  We then had the conversation about how I can’t marry him, cause I am married to Daddy.  TOO CUTE!

Then came the story- I will try to remember his words- but it was only 7 am, and I wasn’t ready for such a story so early:

I asked Mary (name changed to protect the young classmate) to marry me at the park.  She said “NO” so i asked her again and she said NO- then we got married anyway at the bagoda (I think he wanted a PAGODA, as I had told him we got engaged in the Japanesse Tea Garden in SF).  Then she told me NO again (isn’t that the way all marriages work!?).  Then she married John (name changed).  I told her NOT to marry John.  But she did it again!  So I said “Mary, you need to stop marring JOHN- Or I will put you in the dungon!”  See mommy, it is a TERRIBLE story!

Oh the pain of the 3 year old heart! Who could say no to this little romancer?

Really, How could Mary not want him?