First- there will be no pics today-  I do not have one that does justice to the cold that has set in to the Bay Area right now.

The last report I saw for Pittsburg, CA (where I work) was for 29 degrees.  Pittsburgh, PA (note the H at the end of that Pittsburgh, we here in CA are TOO cool for the H) 39 degrees.  HELLO!!!!!!!!!!  I live in California,  land of the warm, WHY ISN’T IT WARM?  I know, those of you who live in colder lands (if you are reading, please tell me how cold you are, it will make me feel better), think I am whining- I am . . . but let me tell you why.

LOTS of ice on Vinnie this am (my mini-van, Vincent VanGough- get it!).  Went out, turned on the van, defrost etc- went in finished doing my hair (as much as I ever do, too lazy to get out dryer).  Came out- NO CHANGE IN THE ICE!  OK- so I get the boy in the car and get the hose- and get a tiny little sad trickle of water.  Can’t get the hose to hit the drivers side of the window (you know, where I need to see!).  So DUMB-BUM me moves- keeps the hose on the window and DRENCHES myself- No coat- I hate them- just gloves and my clothes- no time to go change- gotta run due to a car crash on the freeway (which I NEVER saw- but I digress).

Water on the glasses (froze), water in the hair (which was still damp to begin with- see to lazy to dry hair comment above), water on the sweater- water EVERYWHERE- VERY COLD WATER EVERYWHERE!

Please let this be a better day than the am leads me to think-  I have a DR appointment this afternoon to deal with the Allergy fun that has been the bane of my life for the past 6+ months- I need good thoughts!

I hope this finds you all safe, warm and DRY!