childtime-christmas.JPGThursday Thursday was Zae’s first School Holiday Sing- he is just in Pre-school- so it was rather fun- the oldest class was Kindergarden- except for the handful of school age kids in the afterschool program.  Zae is the Third Santa from Left- I know fuzzy photo- didn’t bring anything digital but my camera- just pretend you are seeing the world though my eyes without my glasses!

The boy’s class sang 3 songs- I LOVED his Up on the Housetop- everytime they sang “up” the class was to jump- nice simple blocking, right.  Not for my boy- he was singing at the top of his lungs- would notice his class had jumped and then jump- all by himself- with all the gusto he could manage- about 10 secs late!  I laughed so hard.  Took the film down to show Great-Grandma on Friday- she cracked up too.

Sunday was his first Christmas Message at Church- older kids read while all kids sang- He and his partner in crime didn’t want to pay attention.  I had to go sit in front to remind him to be good- If he hadn’t been my kid, I would have DIED laughing.  His Buddy is sitting way off to the side, NOT paying attention, Zae is sitting where he should, Buddy keeps whispering (in that MASSIVELY loud way 3 year olds do) “Zae come sit here!”  Zae responds “NO, you come here, my mommy is getting mad- look at her face!”

Gotta love Kids! 

Seeing this season of hope from his point of view ROCKS!