Here is the boy in BLUEWe got the boy’s hair cut yesterday-  we won’t talk about how it needed to be cut before Thanksgiving- but I kept forgeting to make apointments.

Our hairdresser and I have known eachother since we were 5- so it is an odd relationship.  She loves to do strange things to our hair- Let me iron it Kae or let me give you red spikes Zae- kind of stuff- we let her out of love!

Last night- Zae got red spikes-  then we went to advent service- he was quite a hit!  Got to school this morning where he announced “Hey look guys- I have Jello in my hair”  The director of school believed him- like I would put Jello in his hair!  Red Gel from the hair dresser.  Why would you believe a 3 year old!  What mom would send the kid to school with Jello in his hair. .. come on

Here is a pic from the last time he got his hair done- I didn’t get a pick last night- I forgot!