Raise your mouse if you remember the days PW (Pre-Web).  Remember when you had a question and you called someone and found an answer.  Remember when you needed to know something and you looked it up?

I do, sort of, but it is all kind of hazy.

My work email is down and the interent has been spotty for the past 2 days.  I am going crazy!  I do 90% of my comunication at work via email- why would I call and bother someone when I can pop off an email and they can get to me with less intruption?  How do I prep a unit on Radio Drama- without pulling information from the web?  How can I read my blogs if I can’t get to them?

This is not normal.  I feel like my arm has been chopped off! 

How did we work PW?  Did we ever get anything done? 

Scary thing- I have only had email at work for the past 6 years- I was able to make it for 3 years without email etc. . . how did we do it?