OK- I suck- I joined the Meathead Knit along- then started my christmas knitting and  . . .


Totally and completely! 

I went to check my blog stats and was so excited that there was a link to my photoless self- and then rememberd I had flaked-

As to the photoless- self- i do most of my blogging from school (faster connection and such) our blocker just deieced that Flicker was porn (yep- porn).  I need to find a new way to post pic.  Any ideas- please comment- I need help. 

I have knitting pics waiting to go up- but they don’t want to!

I am going to try to post a pic of the purse one of my sister-in-laws is getting for christmas (I have 4, so it really doens’t give much away, except that one of them – if they ever read the blog- would go I like that- where as the other 3 would say NO WAY!)

It is Wool of the Andes, in Chesnut, fog & Asperagas, the pattern is just done with a slip stich – not fair isle or anything fancy- I got the idea from the ear warmer headband in Knit One, Felt Two (a very fun pattern, great way to use up wool scraps!)

OK- here it goes

(Dude!  It worked- I don’t know why or how- but I am smart enough not to ask!)  GO ME!Purse for an un-named sister in law