Last night my son- who is NOT short of imagination- decided he was a SuperHero. He has a fair amount of dress up clothes (hey- I teach theatre, costumes are important!).  He has a Superman cape- but that was not what he wore to be a super hero.

No he put on the green hat I just knit for him and wrapped a cheap and easy baby doll blanket around his shoulders and was off.  The most technicolor knitted superhero EVER! 

The hat is simple kelly green rib- but the doll blanket is Red Heart varigated- as loud and wild as it can get-

I was so proud!  first of his style(who needs the superman cape when you have a much more colorful blanket.  Second of his understanding that the had knit stuff had more power (his words)!

of course this is the boy who told me this morning as i dropped him off at school- hey mom- your hair looks like my slinky!