A couple who I love dearly (I will not name, as I have been asked not too!) sent me an email this morning ( you know you live in the modern age when . . .) THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE A BABY!  This makes me happier than I have words to express.  The pure joy- This baby will make me an aunt again!  (No this isn’t a hint as to who it is, I already claim to be an aunt to children to whom I have NO blood relation)

It gets better- the baby is due 4 days from my Birthday (Aug 4 for those who want to know).  And better still . . . They live some where COLD . . . Real COLD . . . Really Really Really Cold (again, this isn’t a big hint!  For some one who lives in California, I know a lot of people in MUCH colder parts of the world- I prefer to shiver by proxy!).  This means they will need LOTS of knit things- LOTS!  My mind is spinning at the amount of warm baby knitting in my future.

Which I will start when she hits the mythical 2nd trimester- this will be done to honor both her and my superstitions that nothing should be done to jinxs the 1st trimester.  I understand this superstition- i had it myself- but AHHHHHHHHHH . . .

Good thing I have Christmas knititng to keep me busy unil the 25th, Then I am going to learn to knit socks- then I will be busy knitting socks for a while- I need to avoid baby knitting until the end of Jan- I will wait till Feb out of respect- then BRING IT ON!

So there it is- my joy !  And you two (if you are reading)- I LOVE YOU AND I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!