December 2006


I know- a few days too soon- but today is the last day of school until JAN 8 (the joys of teaching)!  I am looking at two weeks of MOMMY Time!I don’t know if I will get around to doing the blog thing in that time.

So I wish you all a wonderful, Merry, Joyful and Blessed Christmas!  May you find the time in the season to remember the joy and love that the season is truly about.

The pic is from last year- but I couldn’t get this year’s pic to load up!

Merry Christmas!


A side note:  it is now lunchtime at work- the last day before the wonder that is the Winter Break.  If I haven’t said it in a while- I LOVE TEENAGERS!  Really!  What wonderful creatures.  Watching them turn from little EVIL things into humans in the space of 4 years (or sometimes 4 second) is amazing.  One of the best parts of the last day of break is the number of colleges that got out earlier.  Today has been Old Home Day- I have seen no less than 10 of the kids we got rid of last year (saddly got rid of but rid of none the less).  They are little grown ups now- and i am so proud!

Teaching is a wonderful job, one I am thankful for often.  The chance to watch, and if you are lucky help, a kid find a path is unlike any other.  On this Holiday, I especially wish a joyful and exciting New Year to all my kids- all of them (at this point we are talking 1000’s of them)-  You all have touched my life in ways you will never know!



Here are some random photos from Thespian activities over the years- all are poor pics- but you guys are loved!  These are the ones I found hidden in the computer! 


Now that will get your attention, won’t it!

When Zae was putting his shoes on this morning he said to me “Mommy, when I am big I will get on one knee and I will say ‘Will you marry me'”  We then had the conversation about how I can’t marry him, cause I am married to Daddy.  TOO CUTE!

Then came the story- I will try to remember his words- but it was only 7 am, and I wasn’t ready for such a story so early:

I asked Mary (name changed to protect the young classmate) to marry me at the park.  She said “NO” so i asked her again and she said NO- then we got married anyway at the bagoda (I think he wanted a PAGODA, as I had told him we got engaged in the Japanesse Tea Garden in SF).  Then she told me NO again (isn’t that the way all marriages work!?).  Then she married John (name changed).  I told her NOT to marry John.  But she did it again!  So I said “Mary, you need to stop marring JOHN- Or I will put you in the dungon!”  See mommy, it is a TERRIBLE story!

Oh the pain of the 3 year old heart! Who could say no to this little romancer?

Really, How could Mary not want him?

Less than a week to go until I can take the time to knit these- Pictures from  photo books

I will learn to knit socks on DECEMBER 26- I will have my own homemade socks to warm my cold little toes (actually I have mostly little toes and two GREAT TOES- but that is a WHOLE ‘nother story).  I want these


I want to learn to knit socks SO BADLY-  every night when I put on my PJ I think about my desire for warm, cute socks.

I took on and won my first battles with DPNs last weekend- made some hats- the hats were on 10 1/2 needles- so socks will be MUCH smaller- but the skills are the same (I hope).  I have never knit on anything less than a 7US- so this could be interesting. 


Any hints?

OK- some of you know thatI have been having big weird Allergy issues for the last 6 months- lots of swelling and hives and such.  I finally got a referral to Allergy clinic last week and went yesterday . . . get ready for it . . . guess what I am most likely allergic to . . .ME 

Yep- there is a really good chance (pending a few tests) that my body is producing anti-bodies against itself!  Yep- I am allergic to me!  The sad thing is it makes sense- That is kind of what the thyroid issue I have is (my body thinks my thyroid is an infection, so it attacks.)  I have had other issues in the past where my body read the signals wrong and attacked that which was not evil. 

But I thought you would get a kick out of the fact that I am allergic to ME!  You know the boy in the bubble- can’t help me- I can never be away from that which makes my body go nuts- I am just looking at LOTS AND LOTS of antihistamines for a long time- big ones- no more Benedryl for me.

Most of the time, I think this funny (whatelse can i do but laugh).  Really, if you think about it, the whole thing is VERY silly!  Alergic to self . . . what kind of Freak am I?

First- there will be no pics today-  I do not have one that does justice to the cold that has set in to the Bay Area right now.

The last report I saw for Pittsburg, CA (where I work) was for 29 degrees.  Pittsburgh, PA (note the H at the end of that Pittsburgh, we here in CA are TOO cool for the H) 39 degrees.  HELLO!!!!!!!!!!  I live in California,  land of the warm, WHY ISN’T IT WARM?  I know, those of you who live in colder lands (if you are reading, please tell me how cold you are, it will make me feel better), think I am whining- I am . . . but let me tell you why.

LOTS of ice on Vinnie this am (my mini-van, Vincent VanGough- get it!).  Went out, turned on the van, defrost etc- went in finished doing my hair (as much as I ever do, too lazy to get out dryer).  Came out- NO CHANGE IN THE ICE!  OK- so I get the boy in the car and get the hose- and get a tiny little sad trickle of water.  Can’t get the hose to hit the drivers side of the window (you know, where I need to see!).  So DUMB-BUM me moves- keeps the hose on the window and DRENCHES myself- No coat- I hate them- just gloves and my clothes- no time to go change- gotta run due to a car crash on the freeway (which I NEVER saw- but I digress).

Water on the glasses (froze), water in the hair (which was still damp to begin with- see to lazy to dry hair comment above), water on the sweater- water EVERYWHERE- VERY COLD WATER EVERYWHERE!

Please let this be a better day than the am leads me to think-  I have a DR appointment this afternoon to deal with the Allergy fun that has been the bane of my life for the past 6+ months- I need good thoughts!

I hope this finds you all safe, warm and DRY!

childtime-christmas.JPGThursday Thursday was Zae’s first School Holiday Sing- he is just in Pre-school- so it was rather fun- the oldest class was Kindergarden- except for the handful of school age kids in the afterschool program.  Zae is the Third Santa from Left- I know fuzzy photo- didn’t bring anything digital but my camera- just pretend you are seeing the world though my eyes without my glasses!

The boy’s class sang 3 songs- I LOVED his Up on the Housetop- everytime they sang “up” the class was to jump- nice simple blocking, right.  Not for my boy- he was singing at the top of his lungs- would notice his class had jumped and then jump- all by himself- with all the gusto he could manage- about 10 secs late!  I laughed so hard.  Took the film down to show Great-Grandma on Friday- she cracked up too.

Sunday was his first Christmas Message at Church- older kids read while all kids sang- He and his partner in crime didn’t want to pay attention.  I had to go sit in front to remind him to be good- If he hadn’t been my kid, I would have DIED laughing.  His Buddy is sitting way off to the side, NOT paying attention, Zae is sitting where he should, Buddy keeps whispering (in that MASSIVELY loud way 3 year olds do) “Zae come sit here!”  Zae responds “NO, you come here, my mommy is getting mad- look at her face!”

Gotta love Kids! 

Seeing this season of hope from his point of view ROCKS!

Here is the boy in BLUEWe got the boy’s hair cut yesterday-  we won’t talk about how it needed to be cut before Thanksgiving- but I kept forgeting to make apointments.

Our hairdresser and I have known eachother since we were 5- so it is an odd relationship.  She loves to do strange things to our hair- Let me iron it Kae or let me give you red spikes Zae- kind of stuff- we let her out of love!

Last night- Zae got red spikes-  then we went to advent service- he was quite a hit!  Got to school this morning where he announced “Hey look guys- I have Jello in my hair”  The director of school believed him- like I would put Jello in his hair!  Red Gel from the hair dresser.  Why would you believe a 3 year old!  What mom would send the kid to school with Jello in his hair. .. come on

Here is a pic from the last time he got his hair done- I didn’t get a pick last night- I forgot!

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