OK- I have admitted before that I am a yarn harlot junkie.  Her books helped take me from “yep- I can knit” to “gotta knit NOW-“.  So as I approached my first Christmas as a kniter (i gave 1 scarf last year- garter stitch on big needles- only 10 st wide, doesn’t really count- but the yarn was so pretty …), I have been scared to come up to IT-

I got smart- made a spreadsheet (I love me a spreadsheet) and made a plan.  Money is tight this year, so the challenge was to make as much as possible from the stash- if you already owned the yarn before you thought of the gift- the gift is free, right?   I am doing pretty good- I picked small things- no sweaters, lots of hats and purses and such.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel- it si close and totally doable. . .

then I saw these: http://www.masondixonknitting.com/, felted boxes at Mason Dixon.  I want to make them NOW!  I want to rush out and get the book and make them NOW!  Lots of them!  Many colors!  I want to use up all my wool on boxes. 

I am now going down the spread sheet and thinking “no, she won’t use a scarf in the cold, snow place she lives, she would much rather have a small felt box to keep her spare change warm”  I think I have gone off the deep end.  I know, many of you think I did that a long time ago. 

I think it is just that I am hatted out.  4 hats in 1 week- each a new pattern or color, but that is still a lot of hats.  This isn’t counting the hat for my son that is tucked in my purse at this second- it is 1/2 done, should finish tonight.  Green 3×3 rib-  It is dull!  But he keeps stealing the hats I have made for others.  So there will be one in his stocking.

I found a cute pattern for felted, don’t have to turn a heel, slippers for him last night.    I think I will whip those out too.

Is it a sign of IT if I am still adding projects (all from stash!) the day before December?

Did I mention, we don’t get out of school here until 12/22- not many days of pure knitting before Christmas.  I am trying to get as many long family fieldtrips in as possible, there is a lot of knitting time in the car. . .