We had an auction at Church this weekend.  A few friends asked me to knit a few bags – they wanted one anyway and figured they could just buy them there and the money would go to a good cause.  I said sure- and designed, knitted & fulled 3 small hand bags.  I was the auctioneer (that whole theatre thing!).  It is so hard to sell your own art work.  It made me thing of the Yarn Harlot’s post of last week- about how we sell our art short.  It is such a shame- I had no problem flattering and talking up the crafts and art done by other members of my church- but I could not do my own.  I felt so silly. The second purse (totally my organic design, I just kind of starting knitting- no really plan with color or shape) went for  (i blush to say it) $100!  It was a tiny little thing.  I was agog (it wasn’t even to my friends who had asked for the purses, they were out bid!).  Why do I have such trouble “selling” my work?  Why do we devalue the amazing thing we do?  My husband is always grabbing my purses and showing to others.  Why can’t I do the same? Talk up your art- we are amazing- I wish we could see the way everyone else does!