In an earlier post- I mentioned that my dear friend was getting serious with a KNITTER!  And that I approved (the fact that he is also a future Pastor, has nothing to do with that- nor does the fact the he makes her giggle from her toes to her nose!  We all know that deep down, I am simply thrilled to have a new friend who also knits!).

Now for and update!

He showed up on her door in California Friday night (he is finishing school in St. Louis right now) with flowers, a ring, a CD with “proposal worthy songs” and (are you ready for it!) a lovely blue scarf he knitted for her!  Yes- the man proposed with YARN . . . If I wasn’t a married woman . . . !

My husband arranged one of those perfect, movie type proposals (7 years ago, can it have been that long?)- but there was no yarn (of course I didn’t knit then- but I don’t think that would have changed much about the yarn content of my proposal). 

 Imagine if you will for a moment, Knitters know that yarn can express all emotions- but to propose with yarn . . . the sheer BRILLIANCE of the plan!  I am so agog at the possibilities- if you can make the ultimate “I love you” with yarn, what can’t yarn do?  World Peace- it is just a matter of time.  but I digress . . .

I am so excited for both of them!  I wish them all the blessings and fun that a shared life can bring!  God Bless you both (you know who you are)