I was sick today- didn’t go to work- some type of allergic reaction that causes my lips (or 1/4 of them to be exact) to swell like a balloon.  Let me just tell you that it is not the look you want to get in front of 110 Acting 1 students with.   This is the second day this week I have missed for this reason (the last time I did I had pneumonia!). 

This is the sick part:  BOTH days I drove to work (20 to get to work, 45 to get home!) in order to set up lesson plans for the day.  It is really sick!  The fear that something will go wrong.  that I am somehow flaking on my kids is overwhelming.  I don’t think this is normal.

It is back to school night and I am here- yes- called in sick for the day and came to Back to School night anyway-  Last year I saw a record 18 parents, the lowest year I saw 4 (yep 3 hours of my life for 4 parents).  I have about 130 kids total this year,   the most I have ever had- so we will see- I really hope I get a good number- otherwise I will be upset that I had to get a sitter (my husband has classes on Thursdays) and drove in to work with the traffic in order to sit here and have time to blog (and place a Knitpicks order, but who is counting)

Well there was the bell- I had best put on my suit coat an look like a teacher- wish me luck!