Poor Harlot . . . her lap top died so she couldn’t post- Bless the Harlot, for going back in time with her deadline coming up so fast (wait . . . I didn’t say that . . . What deadline . . . there is no deadline . . .)

It was a riot to see myself on her page- makes me want to get more serious about that get up in the morning and workout thing- but I will take all the motivation I can get.  And she spelled my name right. . . that may not seem like such a big deal, but my parents (God Bless them) are creative types- they like the sound of the name , but not the spelling (traditionally Michaela) so they spelled it phonetically- I agree it is much prettier my way (their way, whatever) but it gets messed up a lot.

Things at work are calmer- got the show cast- DAMN the kids who lie about being eligible, like I can’t just check the list- DAMN them (we won’t mention the handful of kids that had parts till I checked grades) again, DAMN them!  Sorry- a bit bitter after the “oh crap what will I do” morning I had yesterday.

Tonight- I am going to see Rocky Horror Picture show on stage! I am very excited- I haven’t seen it other than on Video since high school- we won’t talk about how long ago that was- oh the midnight shows in Berkeley!