I teach high school theatre in the SF Bay Area.  This is one of those great jobs where you can’t believe you get paid to go to work each day.  Really- I love it!

Yesterday was day 1 for auditions for Taming of the Shrew- the kids and I a VERY excited about the show- 35 high school students showed up for auditions- and they all rocked!

Normally, the auditioners can be broken into 3 groups- Amazing, passable and “God Bless them.”  Not yesterday- everyone was great!  Which means I have 35 kids (more to come today) for 18 parts and they are all good.

Now I have to do 2 of the hardest things for me-

Cast a play – figure out from the 5 min of everyone I have seen who will work well together and who will do the best job without being a flake.

Break kids hearts- I am a major softy!  I hate the fact that I am going to hurt kids.  I know this is part of the job- but it still sucks!

I wonder if the kids know- auditions are almost as hard for me as they are for them . . .