Yesterday, as we were getting ready for Church- I would swear I had a 15 year old child- not a 3 year old.  Before 9:30 am I had heard the following comments:

1.Mommy, I will get dressed if you stop talking.

2. Mommy, you are just going to drop me off at Sunday School, not stay, right?

3.  Of course I will help you Mommy.  You always need help.

HUH?  OK, I will admit to taking a Mommy weekend off this weekend, what with Yarn Harlot on Sat (it SO rocked) and wine tasting after Church with a girlfriend- I was off a lot.  This “teen” attitude may be from too much BOY time.  The Boys went to a car show on Sat and then hung out on Sunday.  Zae had a great time- he loved getting some one on one with Dad. 

Zae has always spent more time than may be healthy with teens- as I work with them and they are always around.  He is normally a very sweet kid- but Sunday he was not my biggest fan.  Oh well- I supposed that is the way of the world.