OK- Saturday was GREAT!  First, I want to apologize for the lack of pics on this blog- #1 I left my camera at home & #2 I haven’t figured out how to add pics yet- I will!

My mother (an enabling muggle) and I drove to Los Altos in the late am- we wanted to get our signing number early in the day so we could get home at a sort of reasonable hour.    We were in group #1!  Down town Los Altos is very sweet- lots of cute shops and such. I have to say that the event was amazing- the folks at Full Thread Ahead were SO organized- it was great!

 At about 4:00- we got to grab chairs.  They closed part of a parking lot and about 300 knitters (actually 295 Knitters and 5 supportive friends) sat down in the folding white chairs.  The best comment of the day was the wonderful woman who came out of the store and stood there giggling, “It looks like a wedding where everyone Knits!”  We laughed our pants off!

Mom bought me some yarn- I am on a yarn diet till pay day- so mom bought the yarn and I bought dinner- Gotta LOVE a supportive Mom! Of course, much of it was for things she wants- but hey- I will take all the yarn I can get!

We sat in front of a GREAT group of women!  Sitting in the sun with them was a riot!

Then SHE CAME OUT!  and we LAUGHED our bums off!  My mother was wiping away tears- so was I!  I love the idea of Frogging my Husband!  If only . . .  (in pure love dear!).  I don’t know the last time I laughed that hard!

After she spoke came the SIGNING!  I had my book and the CA dishcloth (which I did nut up and present, thank you!).  Our turn came up and she was so SWEET!  So very gracious when I gave her the cloth- she even took my picture and LET ME HOLD THE SOCK!!!!!!!!  I could have passed out!

When I got out of the store, I called my husband and all I could say was “I held the Sock!!!”  Thank Heavens I have tried to explain the sock to him before.  When I got home I got the “that is great dear- I am so excited for you- you crazy woman you!” look.  Of course, it was a bit less “humor the crazy woman” than when I tried to explain it to my students (high school theatre) or my friends at church.

Why  do non-knitters have some much trouble understanding that Knitting is Funny?  That Knitting is amazing?  They love the knitted goods- why can’t the understand the rest.

One more bit of exciting news- one of my dear friends has a newish boyfriend- I just found out HE KNITS!  I LOVE HIM!  He is knitting a blanket for his brother and sister-in-law who are expecting!  Love him!