I am starting this blog because my husband told me to!  Really, he pointed out that if I have blog envy- jealous of all the blogging friends out there- I should get my own so that I can join them.  So there it is.

I am:the mother of a very entertaining 3 year old.  The wife of a wonderfully understanding accountant. A high school theatre director. A knitter.  Many, many others.

Tomorrow, I am seeing the Yarn Harlot in Los Altos, CA.  I am so excited I could pop.  My mother is pretty clear that my obsessive reading of all the blogs she has linked to in the past few days of her tour might border on the level of stalking.  So be it.  I have only been knitting for the past year, My husband bought be her second book for Mother’s day in May- I have read EVERYTHING she has written- even the whole blog starting from the first day!  Sick, huh?  She makes me giggle- I like to giggle.  I have knit her a CA dishcloth, the big question is if I will have the nuts to give it to her- or if i will Chicken out.  I would vote for Chicken- except that mom is coming with me and I know her well enough to know that she will pull it out of my purse (hand knit and fulled of course) and say “here!”  I don’t know what is more dorky- knitting the cloth in the first place- or having mom give it for you.