September 2006

I was sick today- didn’t go to work- some type of allergic reaction that causes my lips (or 1/4 of them to be exact) to swell like a balloon.  Let me just tell you that it is not the look you want to get in front of 110 Acting 1 students with.   This is the second day this week I have missed for this reason (the last time I did I had pneumonia!). 

This is the sick part:  BOTH days I drove to work (20 to get to work, 45 to get home!) in order to set up lesson plans for the day.  It is really sick!  The fear that something will go wrong.  that I am somehow flaking on my kids is overwhelming.  I don’t think this is normal.

It is back to school night and I am here- yes- called in sick for the day and came to Back to School night anyway-  Last year I saw a record 18 parents, the lowest year I saw 4 (yep 3 hours of my life for 4 parents).  I have about 130 kids total this year,   the most I have ever had- so we will see- I really hope I get a good number- otherwise I will be upset that I had to get a sitter (my husband has classes on Thursdays) and drove in to work with the traffic in order to sit here and have time to blog (and place a Knitpicks order, but who is counting)

Well there was the bell- I had best put on my suit coat an look like a teacher- wish me luck!


Poor Harlot . . . her lap top died so she couldn’t post- Bless the Harlot, for going back in time with her deadline coming up so fast (wait . . . I didn’t say that . . . What deadline . . . there is no deadline . . .)

It was a riot to see myself on her page- makes me want to get more serious about that get up in the morning and workout thing- but I will take all the motivation I can get.  And she spelled my name right. . . that may not seem like such a big deal, but my parents (God Bless them) are creative types- they like the sound of the name , but not the spelling (traditionally Michaela) so they spelled it phonetically- I agree it is much prettier my way (their way, whatever) but it gets messed up a lot.

Things at work are calmer- got the show cast- DAMN the kids who lie about being eligible, like I can’t just check the list- DAMN them (we won’t mention the handful of kids that had parts till I checked grades) again, DAMN them!  Sorry- a bit bitter after the “oh crap what will I do” morning I had yesterday.

Tonight- I am going to see Rocky Horror Picture show on stage! I am very excited- I haven’t seen it other than on Video since high school- we won’t talk about how long ago that was- oh the midnight shows in Berkeley!

I teach high school theatre in the SF Bay Area.  This is one of those great jobs where you can’t believe you get paid to go to work each day.  Really- I love it!

Yesterday was day 1 for auditions for Taming of the Shrew- the kids and I a VERY excited about the show- 35 high school students showed up for auditions- and they all rocked!

Normally, the auditioners can be broken into 3 groups- Amazing, passable and “God Bless them.”  Not yesterday- everyone was great!  Which means I have 35 kids (more to come today) for 18 parts and they are all good.

Now I have to do 2 of the hardest things for me-

Cast a play – figure out from the 5 min of everyone I have seen who will work well together and who will do the best job without being a flake.

Break kids hearts- I am a major softy!  I hate the fact that I am going to hurt kids.  I know this is part of the job- but it still sucks!

I wonder if the kids know- auditions are almost as hard for me as they are for them . . . 

Yesterday, as we were getting ready for Church- I would swear I had a 15 year old child- not a 3 year old.  Before 9:30 am I had heard the following comments:

1.Mommy, I will get dressed if you stop talking.

2. Mommy, you are just going to drop me off at Sunday School, not stay, right?

3.  Of course I will help you Mommy.  You always need help.

HUH?  OK, I will admit to taking a Mommy weekend off this weekend, what with Yarn Harlot on Sat (it SO rocked) and wine tasting after Church with a girlfriend- I was off a lot.  This “teen” attitude may be from too much BOY time.  The Boys went to a car show on Sat and then hung out on Sunday.  Zae had a great time- he loved getting some one on one with Dad. 

Zae has always spent more time than may be healthy with teens- as I work with them and they are always around.  He is normally a very sweet kid- but Sunday he was not my biggest fan.  Oh well- I supposed that is the way of the world.

OK- Saturday was GREAT!  First, I want to apologize for the lack of pics on this blog- #1 I left my camera at home & #2 I haven’t figured out how to add pics yet- I will!

My mother (an enabling muggle) and I drove to Los Altos in the late am- we wanted to get our signing number early in the day so we could get home at a sort of reasonable hour.    We were in group #1!  Down town Los Altos is very sweet- lots of cute shops and such. I have to say that the event was amazing- the folks at Full Thread Ahead were SO organized- it was great!

 At about 4:00- we got to grab chairs.  They closed part of a parking lot and about 300 knitters (actually 295 Knitters and 5 supportive friends) sat down in the folding white chairs.  The best comment of the day was the wonderful woman who came out of the store and stood there giggling, “It looks like a wedding where everyone Knits!”  We laughed our pants off!

Mom bought me some yarn- I am on a yarn diet till pay day- so mom bought the yarn and I bought dinner- Gotta LOVE a supportive Mom! Of course, much of it was for things she wants- but hey- I will take all the yarn I can get!

We sat in front of a GREAT group of women!  Sitting in the sun with them was a riot!

Then SHE CAME OUT!  and we LAUGHED our bums off!  My mother was wiping away tears- so was I!  I love the idea of Frogging my Husband!  If only . . .  (in pure love dear!).  I don’t know the last time I laughed that hard!

After she spoke came the SIGNING!  I had my book and the CA dishcloth (which I did nut up and present, thank you!).  Our turn came up and she was so SWEET!  So very gracious when I gave her the cloth- she even took my picture and LET ME HOLD THE SOCK!!!!!!!!  I could have passed out!

When I got out of the store, I called my husband and all I could say was “I held the Sock!!!”  Thank Heavens I have tried to explain the sock to him before.  When I got home I got the “that is great dear- I am so excited for you- you crazy woman you!” look.  Of course, it was a bit less “humor the crazy woman” than when I tried to explain it to my students (high school theatre) or my friends at church.

Why  do non-knitters have some much trouble understanding that Knitting is Funny?  That Knitting is amazing?  They love the knitted goods- why can’t the understand the rest.

One more bit of exciting news- one of my dear friends has a newish boyfriend- I just found out HE KNITS!  I LOVE HIM!  He is knitting a blanket for his brother and sister-in-law who are expecting!  Love him!

I am starting this blog because my husband told me to!  Really, he pointed out that if I have blog envy- jealous of all the blogging friends out there- I should get my own so that I can join them.  So there it is.

I am:the mother of a very entertaining 3 year old.  The wife of a wonderfully understanding accountant. A high school theatre director. A knitter.  Many, many others.

Tomorrow, I am seeing the Yarn Harlot in Los Altos, CA.  I am so excited I could pop.  My mother is pretty clear that my obsessive reading of all the blogs she has linked to in the past few days of her tour might border on the level of stalking.  So be it.  I have only been knitting for the past year, My husband bought be her second book for Mother’s day in May- I have read EVERYTHING she has written- even the whole blog starting from the first day!  Sick, huh?  She makes me giggle- I like to giggle.  I have knit her a CA dishcloth, the big question is if I will have the nuts to give it to her- or if i will Chicken out.  I would vote for Chicken- except that mom is coming with me and I know her well enough to know that she will pull it out of my purse (hand knit and fulled of course) and say “here!”  I don’t know what is more dorky- knitting the cloth in the first place- or having mom give it for you.